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VeKey - Secure Identity Device

General Description

The VeKey (device no.: VC-VK-U8001) is a device for digital signature and digital identity
management. Data is stored in its persistent memory. The VeKey has no embedded battery, you can use a standard micro USB cable to connect to PC to power the VeKey.

Product Features

  • Surface Material: Aluminium alloy, Sandblasting oxidation in surface
  • Device Dimensions: 58mm×32.1mm×6.6mm
  • Screen Dimensions: 0.96 inches OLED screen, 26.7mm×19.26mm×1.45mm
  • Color: Black, Red* (other colors requirements need contact VeChain)
  • Fingerprint Module: support
  • ESD Voltage Immunity: 6KV for contact, 10KV for air
  • Communication mode: USB
  • Language: English


  • Digital signature
  • Digital identity

Competitive Advantage

  1. Embedded with secure MCU endowed with CC EAL4+ certification, the UnionPay card chip product safety certification.
  2. Compulsory double authentication (Biology identification + PIN).
  3. Secure update procedure with firmware verification by VeChain.
  4. Secure transaction, which verifies certificates issued by VeChain when transact.
  5. Secure protection mechanism.

Ordering information

Type number


58mm×32.1mm×6.6mm; black

By piece and packaged by plastic bag

Contact information

More details, please contact: [email protected]

For more information, please visit:
For sales office addresses, please send an email to: [email protected]

Updated 5 months ago

VeKey - Secure Identity Device

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