How to add your VIP180 token to wallets, explorer and applications

As the VeChain ecosystem grows, more and more projects have been launched on the VeChainThor blockchain, some of which involve creating their own VIP180 tokens. We have recently received quite a few inquiries regarding how to integrate the created VIP180 tokens in various wallets, explorers as well as applications, such as VeChain Explorer, VeChain Tokens, My Tokens and VeChainThor mobile wallet. Often times, the token issuers had to reach out to multiple parties in order for their token to be integrated.

VeChain Token Registry

To streamline this process, we created the VeChain Token Registry, an open source GitHub repository of VIP180 token information for wallets, explorers and applications to integrate. The VeChain Token Registry contains token information including token name, symbol, description, icon and mainnet and testnet contract addresses.

If you are a developer and created your own VIP180 token which is not yet in the token registry, we highly encourage you to follow the instructions and create a pull request, and submit the token information. You can then share the link of your token information to any third parties.

Screenshot 2019-09-10 at 15.23.24.png

OCE token in the token registry

Add your token in the VeChainThor mobile wallet

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While the token registry will be mainly used by developers, the VeChainThor mobile wallet is the most widely used app to transfer VET and VIP180 tokens by the community.

The VeChainThor mobile wallet was developed by VeChain at the launch of the mainnet, because there was a dire need at that stage to have a user friendly way to transfer assets. Now that the VeChainThor ecosystem has seen significant growth, there are many third party wallets supporting VET and VIP180 tokens such as Comet, Trust Wallet, Cobo Wallet. VeChain has also open-sourced the mobile wallet for iOS and Android so that developers can take our code and create a wallet suitable for their own needs if there is one.

As the developer of the VeChainThor mobile wallet, VeChain does not endorse the tokens in the wallet nor do we assume the responsibility as the auditor of the smart contract security. VIP180 token issuers can apply for adding their tokens via the application form on the VeChain website.

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Before applying for a new token listing in the VeChainThor mobile wallet, you must add your token info in the VeChain Token Registry first using the steps outlined earlier in this article.

The application form will then request for some additional information about the token to be added, and the wallet administration team will conduct a review of the application to identity the current status of the project, the social or technical merits of the project and the efforts made by the project team to verify the security of the smart contract code. A response will be provided by the wallet administration team within two weeks after receiving the application. If the application is rejected, a clear reason will be provided.

As the token list on the VeChainThor mobile wallet grows as more tokens are added, users could choose to hide tokens from displaying in the wallet with the built in “manage asset list” feature.

Moving forward, the wallet development team is also considering to allow users to add their custom VIP180 token natively in the wallet in the future without the need for an application. Please stay tuned for more updates.