What is Connex?


Connex is the standard interface to connect VeChain apps with VeChain blockchain and user. Connex is a set of well-designed APIs for developers, with injected Connex Object in web applications they can easily build decentralized applications.

Get Started

Sync or other compatible clients will expose connex API by an injected object on Window Object.

VeChain App Bootstrapping

VeChain apps are usually web apps. On app load, you always need to detect Connex component. If Connex is not available, you may instruct people to setup Connex environment.

To simplify these steps, simply perform redirection:

if(!window.connex) {
    location.href = 'https://env.vechain.org/r/#' + encodeURIComponent(location.href)

Additionally, network can be specified:

if(!window.connex) {
    // the app prefers running on test net
    location.href = 'https://env.vechain.org/r/#/test/' + encodeURIComponent(location.href)


Vanilla JS

No need to set up, just code in your favourite way.


const el = document.createElement('h1')

const status = connex.thor.status
el.innerText = 'You are \'connexed\' to vechain, the status is ' + (status.progress === 1 ? 'synced': 'syncing')


Architecture explained

[block:image] { “images”: [ { “image”: [ “https://doc.vechainworld.io/images/a1bbedc-architecture.png”, “architecture.png”, 431, 643, “#cfcab9” ] } ] } [/block]


TypeScript complier does not find Connex

First, check tsconfig.json and make sure @vechain/connex is present in compilerOptions.types. Furthermore if you are doing an angular project and still get the error, you are probably using a larger project with multiple project roots, just adding @vechain/connex to the root config is not enough in this case. You also have to find all tsconfig.app.ts and tsconfig.spec.ts files in your sub-projects. While these inherit from the main tsconfig.json you have to make sure it does not override the types with for example "types": [] and that there is no conflict with typesRoots


Connex is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0, also included in LICENSE file in the repository.